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Whether you want to grow your digital asset business, protect your clients’ investments, or identify illicit activity, we provide the data, analytics, and expertise necessary to get the job done

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  • A Single Point of Intelligence

    A one-stop shop for digital asset intelligence, including diverse datasets, powerful analytics, and intelligence specialists to make sense of it all

  • Massive Reach

    Holistically examine and access data and analytics on thousands of markets and cryptocurrencies, as well as new industries migrating to blockchain solutions

  • Developer-Friendly

    Leverage our system or use your own. We are multi-cloud and deliver data via APIs and data dumps, Kafka streams, AWS and Splunk dashboards, and more

  • Collaborative

    Work with us to design a technological solution that meets your needs. Our intelligence team and developers will collaborate with you and develop new data analytics specific to your operations


Our data and analytics run the crypto gamut, from market moves to blockchain signals to social media impact. The common thread? All are necessary to truly understand the digital asset landscape.

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Digital Asset Financial Data

  • Market data for over 5,000 cryptocurrencies, with new coins added automatically
  • Data sourced from more than 350 exchanges, OTC providers, index prices, P2P markets, and more
  • Terabytes of historical market data

Technical and Blockchain Data

  • Data and analytics from blockchain nodes, GitHub repositories, mining pools, and more
  • Intelligence on the activity of individual blockchain developers and their projects
  • Key statistics and information on hashrate volatility, blockchain size, transaction costs, attack vulnerability, developer community involvement, and more

Natural Language Data

  • Analyze data from news media, social media, messaging services, the decisions of financial regulators, law enforcement actions, and more
  • Use our AI module that finds patterns and simulates the behavior of market participants to predict future outcomes. Use our NLP module to identify named entities like people, companies, and locations, and the relationships between them
  • Leverage optical character recognition to turn images into data


Our investigations team demonstrates the combined power of our digital asset data, blockchain analytics, and news and social media analysis. Our expert consulting services provide outsourced data collection and analysis, as well as comprehensive reports for actionable intelligence. Our data scientists help our clients meet their most unique and complex needs, from identifying market manipulation to quantifying the pricing impact of negative media coverage to identifying entities and funding flows of transnational organized crime.

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