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Tether's Growing Role in Illegal Activities

Allowing Tether to thrive for years led to new resilience mechanisms. Today, Tether is already in use on five independent blockchains, often dominating their on-chain transactions, and, in some cases, causing network congestion. Current blockchain forensics and market surveillance tools are unable to provide acceptable levels of KYC/AML efficiency.

Sofia Sedlova, 
Christina Tkach


Anomalies in OKEx trading time distributions

Distinct surges in time-of-trade graphs indicate potential scheduled trading bots activity to obfuscate privacy coin laundering. Wash trading can also be a good explanation for such trading patterns.

Sofia Sedlova


Crypto in the FinCEN Leak

Inca Digital’s investigation team correlated FinCEN's SARs transactions with blockchain and crypto market venue activity around the filing dates.

Sofia Sedlova, 
Christina Tkach


Bitcoin Is More Stable Than You Think - Blockchain Analysis Reveals

Despite the constant headlines which label Bitcoin as excessively volatile and unpredictable, it largely remains unweathered by the greater political, economic, and technological fluctuations of our times.

Nicholas Gans