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Geotagging Crypto Derivatives Traders with NLP

Although the blockchain space supplies troves of open data to sift through, trading venue activity often remains a mystery due to unreliable trade data and a lack of transparency from trading venue owners. To fill these data gaps, we leverage a variety of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques that can produce reliable datasets based on the digital footprint of crypto users.

Christina Tkach, 
Sofia Sedlova, 
Evgeny Dmitriev, 
Adam Zarazinski


Stablecoin Volatility Analysis – BIS Variance Threshold

None of the stablecoins analyzed met the Variance Threshold (VT) that the difference in stablecoin/fiat value must not exceed 10bp of the value of the underlying fiat more than three times over a one-year period.

Sofia Sedlova, 
Adam Zarazinski


Crypto in the FinCEN Leak

Inca Digital’s investigation team correlated FinCEN's SARs transactions with blockchain and crypto market venue activity around the filing dates.

Sofia Sedlova, 
Christina Tkach, 
Jules Hirschkorn


Bitcoin Is More Stable Than You Think - Blockchain Analysis Reveals

Despite the constant headlines which label Bitcoin as excessively volatile and unpredictable, it largely remains unweathered by the greater political, economic, and technological fluctuations of our times.

Nicholas Gans


China Puts Pressure on Crypto Custodians Ahead Of Digital Yuan Release

The latest arrests of crypto senior executives in China showed the government’s determination to crack down on crypto exchanges in the country as their Digital Yuan project is picking up speed.

Christina Tkach