Inca Digital retweeted: @Cointelegraph High-level slides we prepared for our CFTC talk. Reach out to us with any tech questions. Go @Incas_ec!…
Inca Digital retweeted: @Cointelegraph High-level slides we prepared for our CFTC talk. Reach out to us with any tech questions. Go @Incas_ec!…
‘Nakamoto Terminal’ selected prize winner of CFTC’s first science competition
A project with Satoshi Nakomoto’s namesake has been selected as the winner of the CFTC’s Project Streetlamp.
Blockchain Investigations in NTerminal - Powered by Splunk & CipherTrace
Data engineer & scientist at Inca Digital.NTerminal is a data aggregation and open source intelligence tool, which allows users to index blockchain data and run their own investigations using the power of Splunk (check out our intro blog post). Now partnering with CipherTrace, you can use CipherTrace data through NTerminal for KYC and KYT investigations on blockchain …
Central Bank Digital Currencies And The U.S./China Great Power Competition
As tensions heighten between the United States and China, a Digital Yuan has immense implications for the Great Power Competition and the global financial system.
Natural Language Analysis Of PayPal Enabling Bitcoin Buying/Selling
Regardless of your opinion on whether it is positive or negative for Bitcoin, PayPal’s announcement is perhaps the most active topic in crypto/blockchain media right now.
Crypto in the FinCEN Leak
Written by Evgeny Dmitriev, Sofia Sedlova, Christina TkachBuzzfeed and their partners recently released stories about a trove of almost 2,500 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed by banks with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) between 2000 and 2017. They included thousands of suspicious bank transactions totaling over $35B. In cooperation with BuzzFeed, the …
Is The Promise of DeFi Yield Farming Destined to FAIL?
Cryptocurrency exchanges have been called altcoin casinos from day 1. They trade and promote thousands of tokens that have been dreamed up by former front end developers turned ERC20 evangelists. Read the full story
Another Project Bites The Dust: How Someone Turned $200 Into $250k
Decentralized financial systems allow people the freedom to do what they want with their money. This freedom comes with the responsibility of dealing with the results of one’s actions.
Can You Have Your Bitcoin And Eat It Too?
Bitcoin Maximalists, Yield Farmers, and Twitter Wars. What if you could benefit from additional functionality without compromising on security?
INSTRUMENT IN DIGITAL ASSET SURVEILLANCEWritten by Evgeny Dmitriev, Sofia Sedlova, Christina TkachAlmost a decade ago, Torrent trackers looked into their IP logs to find interesting connections coming from a variety of organizations that openly advocate against their right to exist. Some of the reported illegal downloads even revealed a peculiar taste in music of presidential …
Agent Based Modeling for CryptoFinance with Splunk, NTerminal, and Yupana
Presented at Splunk's annual conference .conf19 by Nick Gans and Zach Finzi. Cryptocurrency ecosystems are highly complex, distributed, and rapidly evolving, rendering many existing financial models ineffective. By aggregating the heterogeneous data streams that are produced by distinct groups within crypto (blockchains, mining pools, exchanges, etc.), we have built a …
Following Funds From The Twitter Hack & Bitcoin Scam - Affecting Joe Biden, Elon Musk, And Others
Using publicly available data to track the movement of Bitcoin from the massive Twitter Hack, and the public sentiment regarding the incident.
NTerminal Example Investigation Dashboard
No sound, please enable subtitles; adjust playback speed as needed. Walk-through creating a dashboard with NTerminal data in Splunk Enterprise. Example investigation of Steem news surrounding "soft fork 0.22.2" is based on this blog post: NTerminal Documentation: …
Creative financial reporting at HitBTC. Brought to you by #NTerminal and @TheACFE.
Creative financial reporting at HitBTC. Brought to you by #NTerminal and @TheACFE. (Feed generated with FetchRSS)
KICK Token — Market Manipulation Analysis
KICK Token — Market Manipulation AnalysisThere is a curious new token running up the ladder on CoinMarketCap (CMC). The “KICK Token” rose to rank 33 by Market Capitalization, now sitting at $324,790,597 (was just $21,000,000 a month ago). Lets take a closer look at this “asset” to find out what it is, and to determine how and why there is such a sharp price increase.KICK token …
Natural Language Data: Crypto Market Research and Intelligence - Example Dashboard
Our Insights Platform: Our Blog: Our Website: Voiceover: Nakamoto Terminal displays data and analytics across natural language alternative data sets for cryptocurrency market research and intelligence. This screencapture describes an example NTerminal data and analysis with market …
Cryptofinancial Impact: Binance Hack
Splunk visualization of NTerminal Sentiment AnalysisUsing Inca’s Splunk-based Cryptofinancial data platform, NTerminal, I take a quick look at the recent Binance exchange hack.On May 07, 2019 over 7,000 BTC was successfully transferred from the Binance hot wallet, an amount currently worth more than $40 million.NTerminal View of Binance BTC TransactionsThe CEO of Binance, …
Buzz Of PayPal & Venmo to Facilitate Crypto Buying/Selling
News of Financial Tech companies Paypal and Venmo looking to roll out crypto purchasing is energizing the digital asset space.