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Nakamoto Terminal

Data streams and analytical tools for the digital currency ecosystem.

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Agent based modeling framework for discovering communities and understanding their relationship.

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Natural Language Processing system that continuously scans the web for named entities of interest.

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U.S. Department OF Defence
Bermuda Monetary Authority
Hehmeyer Trading + Investment
Commodity Futures Trading Commission


"There is no known alternative source that provides on a hosted platform all six categories of real-time and historical digital asset data simultaneously coupled with sophisticated monitoring and analytical tools required by CFTC"

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

"NTerminal provides a single platform to aggregate, analyze, and monitor real-time and historical digital asset financial, technical, blockchain, and natural language data. We have worked closely with their team to support our data analytics and compliance needs."

Tom Sandy, Director of Compliance Group Services, ErisX

"Inca Digital's broad expertise in large scale data management, data security, and custom analytics allow NGMS to work with the best of the breed in data aggregation and digital threat monitoring and leverage the knowledge with how to incorporate those skills into the existing DoD infrastructure."

Northrop Grumman


Vela Trading Systems
Ketsal Consulting
Veritas Assurance Partners
CipherTrace, Inc.

Our Work

Anomalous trades on
Recent order size distribution on deviates from other markets and contradicts Benford's law.
Abnormal Trading Volumes on FTX
Suspicious trading volume spikes with low volatility hint at potential wash trading activity on FTX exchange.
Scheduled trading activity dominates Huobi and OKEx
Huobi and OKEx are often at the top of trading volume charts. The actual executed trade numbers show, however, suspiciously close trading patterns that might indicate the dominance of a few bots that follow a preset schedule.


Commodity Futures Trading Commission Innovator 2020
FIA Innovator 2019