Inca Digital is an open-source intelligence company building analytics tools for the digital asset ecosystem.

We began our journey in 2009, when Evgeny and Adam met working at INTERPOL. They started a friendship that grew into a mutual passion for disruptive technology.

Inca now boasts a team of some of the best engineers, analysts, and security experts around the world. We are a veteran-owned small business striving to make intelligence accessible.


Adam Zarazinski
Chief Executive Officer

Washington, DC

Adam is a former US Air Force Judge Advocate, where he served as a prosecutor at Joint Base Andrews and operations law attorney in Afghanistan. He has managed and developed projects on new technology for international organizations like INTERPOL and the World Health Organization. He is a 2020 Atlantic Council Millennium Fellow on the future of money. When not working, Adam enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. One time he rolled with Relson Gracie in Brazil. He lost.

Evgeny Dmitriev
Chief Technology Officer

Chicago, IL

Evgeny built IT surveillance systems for the Central Bank of France, designed database access solutions for INTERPOL, and helped Diebold secure electronic voting systems during U.S. presidential elections. No elections were hacked on his watch!

Jim Hurley
Chief Operations Officer

New York, NY

Jim has a proven track record of building top companies in the electronic trading space. Among his experience over the past 21 years in finance, he scaled Hudson River Trading from a team of 8 to 100+ employees in 3 years, invented innovative order types including Instinet’s VWAP Cross, launched one of the first U.S. dark pools and European multilateral trading facilities (Chi- X) and designed incredibly effective compensation programs. His efforts resulted in Inet ECN, Instinet, and Brut ECN being acquired for a combined amount exceeding $2B.

Scott Tousley
Chief Development Officer

Ashburn, Virginia

Scott has served in military, government service, and commercial organizations - usually in start-up, research and development and innovation environments. In recent years this has included many different areas of cyber security RDT&E and data science engineering development, and he remains fascinated by the connections between experiential understanding and data analytics insights. You can also find him cheering on Tottenham Hotspur and other futbol teams and clubs, and rehearsing/on-stage for all kinds of choral music.

Égor Jérôme Akhanov
NLP Engineer

Paris, France

Égor is Inca Digital's expert in applied linguistics. His dark past hides his vast experience building language models for one of the oldest machine translation companies in the world. He has viking beard rings and is collecting karma points to go to Valhalla.


Nicholas Gans
Director of Research & Development

Denver, CO, USA

Nick is a neuroscience graduate who helped start a molecular pharmacogenetics laboratory. He has interests in complex systems and information processing. His fly brain dissection skills have transferred nicely to typing on the keyboard all day.

Jules Hirschkorn
National Security Lead

Portland, OR

Jules is a US Air Force veteran and blockchain advocate. He has a background in engineering, Russian studies and finance. Occasionally he still flies airplanes.


Yana Efimova
Software Engineer

Washington, DC

Yana is our Splunk fairy that comes when everything else fails. She joined Inca becuase building out and supporting distributed log management systems for a telecom giant wasn't challenging enough for her. You can see her work behind most of the advanced analytics in NTerminal.

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