Inca Digital is an open-source intelligence company building analytics tools.

We began our journey in 2009, when Evgeny and Adam met working at INTERPOL. They started a friendship that grew into a mutual passion for disruptive technology.

Inca now boasts a team of some of the best engineers, analysts, and security experts around the world. We are a veteran-owned small business striving to make intelligence accessible.


Edwin Marcial

Atlanta, GA, USA

Edwin Marcial has 25 years of experience leading technology teams, and architecting and developing software systems. Mr. Marcial is the former founder, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). During his tenure at ICE, Edwin created and managed one of the most talented and effective technology teams in the country. The team of over 350 developers and technologists designed and built every mission critical system used to operate ICE markets, exchanges and clearing houses. Edwin has been noted for several honors including one of the top 10 CIOs on Wall Street in 2010, InfoWorld’s top 25 CTOs in 2009, and in 2007 Mr. Marcial was named the Georgia Corporate CIO of the Year.

Lt Gen (Ret) Gina Grosso

Arlington, VA, USA

Gina Grosso is a retired Lieutenant General in the United States Air Force. She is a global strategic leader with 32 years of experience culminating as the United States Air Force’s chief of personnel. She is skilled at leading large, diverse organizations through change that improves business results and has experience briefing national security issues at the highest levels of the Federal government, to include Congress. She has a background in applied mathematics from Carnegie Mellon. She's now bringing all of this experience to Inca to help them grow.

Michel Finzi

New York, NY, USA

Michel Finzi is Chief Commercial Officer at Tassat, a global financial technology provider of innovative solutions bridging the traditional and digital asset markets. Prior to working at Tassat, Michel spent five years as the Head of Global Sales and Marketing at RealTick, a financial technology firm that was acquired by Barclays, and served as a Managing Director at Instinet for 15 years. He's an extreme sports guy at heart - skiing, surfing, and even still skateboarding to work in his suit on occasion.


Adam Zarazinski, Co-Founder
Chief Executive Officer

Washington, DC, USA

Adam is a social entrepreneur and former US Air Force Judge Advocate, where he served as a prosecutor at Joint Base Andrews and operations law attorney in Afghanistan. He has managed and developed projects around new technology for international organizations like INTERPOL and the World Health Organization. He is a 2020 Atlantic Council Millennium Fellow. When not working, Adam enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. One time he rolled with Relson Gracie in Brazil. He lost.

Evgeny Dmitriev, Co-Founder
Chief Technology Officer

Chicago, IL, USA

Evgeny built IT surveillance systems for the Central Bank of France, designed database access solutions for INTERPOL, and helped Diebold secure electronic voting systems during U.S. presidential elections. No elections were hacked on his watch!

Andrey Shlykov
Infrastructure Engineer

Paris, France

With his academic background in information security and applied mathematics, Andrey's job is to threaten AWS with taking his Knative setup elsewhere and to teach other Incas how to use Spring Framework and CI/CD tools. He left his previous job after taking part in their annual party where his CEO was riding a tricycle and throwing cash in the air.

Zach Fallon
Government Relations Lead

Annapolis, MD, USA

Zach is an attorney with over a dozen years of experience advising on compliance obligations under the federal securities laws. His experience spans nine years at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Division of Corporate Finance and Office of the General Counsel. Prior to the SEC, he practiced at Latham & Watkins. He spent over 4 years building a rock wall in his back-yard. It’s taken him another 4 years to climb it.

Égor Jérôme Akhanov
NLP Engineer

Paris, France

Égor received his Master’s degree in applied linguistics from the Sorbonne University in Paris. His dark past hides his vast experience building language models for one of the oldest machine translation companies in the world. He has viking beard rings and is collecting karma points to go to Valhalla.


Nicholas Gans
Director of Research & Development

Denver, CO, USA

Nick is a neuroscience graduate who helped start a molecular pharmacogenetics laboratory. He has interests in complex systems and information processing. His fly brain dissection skills have transferred nicely to typing on the keyboard all day.

Jules Hirschkorn
Head of Business Development

Portland, OR, USA

Jules is a US Air Force veteran and blockchain advocate. He has a background in engineering, Russian studies and finance. Occassionally he still flies airplanes.


Yana Efimova
Software Engineer

St. Petersburg, Russia

Yana is our Splunk fairy that comes when everything else fails. She joined Inca becuase building out and supporting distributed log management systems for a telecom giant wasn't challenging enough for her. You can see her work behind most of the advanced analytics in NTerminal.

Zach Finzi
Data Scientist/Engineer

Fairfield, CT, USA

Zach is a steep alpine skier facinated by simple systems with complex capabilities. Calling upon his background in neuroscience and software development, he enjoys building and researching dynamic networks involved in data modeling and analysis.

Yulia Kim
Software Engineer

Helsinki, Finland

While obtaining her degree in Information Security, Yulia did multiagent systems research and spent a summer at an antivirus lab. Now she splits her time between building out Inca's Content Delivery Chain and diving deep into blockchain data.

Mark Chinetti
Growth Manager

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Mark is a VP at JPMorgan’s Corporate Responsibility group and a Major in the US Army Reserve Innovation Command. He earned his MBA from Yale University where he focused on sustainable business and leveraging non-market opportunities to improve financial performance.

Alina Park
Junior Software Developer

Astana, Kazakhstan

Alina made the bold choice of majoring in robotics at Nazarbayev University. Being one of a just a few women in her program, she worked on various IoT firmware projects while still a student. She is now helping Inca collect Natural Language data and coordinating AI engineers to improve our custom Transformer models.

Konstantin Galperin
Data Scientist

Boston, MA, USA

Konstantin is a data scientist with a broad curiosity for predictive modeling. With a decade of predictive modeling experience in banking, his primary interests are trade-offs and practical limitations in model implementations. His love for probability theory made him money, but cost him all of his poker buddies.

Julia Valladao
Director, Development & Partnerships

Washington, DC, USA

Julia is an attorney by trade with a Masters in Business & Finance Law. She is passionate about delivering the best customer experience and brings her business development expertise to contribute to Inca's growth in various industries, particularly insurance.

Alex Kravchina
Front-end Engineer

St. Petersburg, Russia

Alex is a front-end developer specializing in web application development. Creating useful and beautiful user interfaces is what Alex eats, sleeps, and dreams about. He is also an avid EDM music composer.

Christina Tkach
Investigation Analyst

Tivat, Montenegro

Christina is a recent graduate with background in economic sociology. Having carried out sociological research at university, she now uses this experience to uncover hidden patterns in the digital asset space.

Alex Powning
Engineering Consultant

Boston, MA, USA

Alex is a software developer with two years experience in the medical device space, primarily building out APIs and IoT solutions. Having studied political science, he's also interested in game theory and predicting social outcomes through modeling.

Sohara Zafar
Digital Media Coordinator

Boston, MA, USA

Sohara is a recent graduate in cognitive brain science. She loves the creative problem solving social media marketing demands and uses her background in computer science and psychology to do so. When she's not working, you can find her at the climbing gym.

Grace Voorhees
Business Intelligence Analyst

Burlington, VT, USA

Grace has a Master's degree in Pharmacology and is actively studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in neuronal protection during hemorrhagic shock. She is currently pursuing a business degree, and working with Inca to apply her scientific mindset to provide the business team with actionable intelligence.

Spencer Vilicic
Digital Media Intern

Washington, DC, USA

A senior at Boston University studying Computer Science and Film/TV, Spencer appreciates finding the balance between creativity and practicality. For Inca, this means finding effective ways to market our brand across a variety of platforms.

Sofia Sedlova
Investigation Analyst

Helsinki, Finland

Sofia is a graduate of the Higher School of Economics, and specializes in quantitative research in economics. Constantly setting goals and achieving them, she taught herself to play the drums. This is how her neighbors began to hate RHCP.