No corporate madness, no mandatory office hours.

Travel the world and work remotely.

Here are just a few of the projects you could be a part of:

  • Collect OSINT by sifting through terabytes of real-time financial, blockchain, and natural language data.
  • Investigate data discrepancies and uncover everything from sophisticated market manipulations to terrorist activity.
  • Contribute to open-source projects that take artificial intelligence and natural language processing to the next level.

Be a part of something big

You'll join a team of computer engineers, security professionals, scientists, mathematicians, and finance experts. Our backgrounds range from desk jobs at top intelligence agencies and central banks to flying in combat zones and advancing neuroscience through brain dissections.

Manage your work-life balance

Flexible work hours and flexible location. We have a clear and open development process on GitLab. You'll see the results of your work with zero red tape slowing things down. Asynchronous nature of GitLab allows us to accommodate any time zone, work schedule, and side gigs of our team members.

Open-minded team

Inca supports people with different views, encourages a healthy company climate, and gives equal opportunities to all people. We don't discriminate based on race, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or political views.

Learn with us

Inca values personal development and our team members are encouraged to share their unique knowledge. Inca can help you broaden your expertise through internal learning programs tailored to you - whether you just graduated from university or just retired from the military. We can also help you get into top universities and will pay for your professional certifications.

Speak up

Inca both encourages initiative and deeply values personal freedom. We believe that the best way to come to a decision is through constructive debates. Stop agreeing with each other and start taking the devil's advocate position to challenge the team's assumptions and common wisdom.

Who we need

Proactive self-starters who can work with little oversight. Our projects are highly technical, so we expect you to have a background and relevant experience in data analysis, software development, artificial intelligence, applied linguistics, distributed systems, finance, blockchain, or any other relevant area. We are focusing on open-minded individuals who are willing to spend time learning new tools and can adapt to the remote work environment.

Tell us what you are good at and we'll figure out a way to work together! Here are just few profiles we are actively looking for:

  • Develop high-throughput microservice applications that collect, filter, normalize, and enrich data in motion.
  • Choice of 3 teams: Blockchain, Financial, and Natural Language.
  • We are looking for event-driven architecture experience, and Kafka specifically.
  • Your code will be deployed using GitHub Actions, AWS EKS, and Lambda. Cloud-native experience is essential.
  • We expect you to cover your code with tests and use monitoring tools to track down issues.
  • Set up and maintain our cloud infrastructure.
  • AWS and other cloud-native services: EKS, Lambda, CloudTrail, SSO, Control Tower, Confluent Cloud, MongoDB Atlas.
  • Log management, security monitoring, and continuous backups.
  • Maintain documentation and network diagrams.
  • Create Nakamoto Terminal front-end interfaces using JavaScript & React or alternatives
  • Help us maintain our Git-based SSGs (Hugo, Gatsby)
  • Enforce modern trends in graphic design, minimalist approach, and W3C standards.
  • Our entry-level Investigations Team vacancy with minimal experience requirements - we'll teach you.
  • Process large volumes of financial, technical, and natural language data.
  • Find correlations between seemingly unconnected market events.
  • Investigate suspicious activity in the marketplace.
  • Create and maintain market manipulations metrics.
  • Create investigation reports and provide support for client's investigators and journalists.
  • You can help us evaluate your skills by completing one of the financial tasks in our Challenge Program repository.
  • Our entry-level Business Team vacancy with minimal experience requirements - we'll teach you.
  • Collecting data from our internal systems. You will mostly use GitHub, Google Workspace, AWS, and Splunk.
  • Leveraging collected data to make sure our day-to-day business operations follow our rules and guidelines.
  • Creating and analyzing performance metrics across our systems.
  • Helping our business team to structure their work through milestones and issues.
  • Maintaining internal wiki.
  • Finding new sources of structured and unstructured data within our company.
  • To help our team better evaluate your problem-solving skills, please email us with a list of 2-3 tools you would use to automatically flag comments with sensitive content in our GitHub issue tracker.
  • Our entry-level NLP team vacancy with minimal experience requirements - we'll teach you.
  • Acquire large natural language datasets both manually and within our data collection infrastructure.
  • Assist in creating ML pipelines for enriching the data through message classification and named entity recognition models.
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language is a must.
  • Knowledge of NLP libraries, scraping tools, ML frameworks, cloud infrastructure providers, and the security aspects of web development is a big plus.
  • You can help us evaluate your skills by participating in our Challenge Program
  • Lead and contribute to projects based on your interests and expertise.
  • Bring new projects to our company. You will have the flexibility to suggest new avenues for us to explore and shape the direction of how and where we focus our efforts.

Whether you see an immediate fit for yourself or not, send us your resume at [email protected]. If you want your application to stand out, please complete at least one task from our Challenge Program. You can also find out more about the way we work in our employee handbook.