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Data and Analytics for Those Defining Digital Assets

We’re on a mission to help bring the crypto revolution from individuals to institutions. And that can’t happen unless financial institutions, trading firms, digital asset exchanges, industry regulators, and law enforcement have access to comprehensive, high-quality data, predictive analytics, and industry expertise.

Financial Institutions and Trading Firms

Generate alpha, manage risk, and achieve regulatory compliance through a comprehensive array of digital asset data and analytics

  • Gain a full view of digital asset markets with metrics and trading signals encompassing market data, blockchain data, and news and social media data

  • Access low-latency market data and non-traditional research tools for alpha generation, trade strategy backtesting, and more

  • Manage risk and compliance with real-time analysis of exchange operations, counterparties, and more

Trading firms use a combination of Inca Digital’s market data and social media data to ensure that they find the most liquidity at the best prices, while also managing the risk involved in trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Inca Digital provides trading firms with market data to analyze price and liquidity, blockchain data to add alpha to trading strategies, and social media data to analyze when an exchange goes down, has trade execution problems, or is hacked.

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Exchanges and Regulators

Leverage our data and analytics to implement real-time, cross-market surveillance, KYC, AML, and compliance oversight

  • Go beyond blockchain forensics and implement comprehensive monitoring of trades, volumes, and orderbook data across hundreds of digital asset trading venues

  • Automatically detect manipulative market activity, including wash trading, front-running, pump-and-dump schemes, and more

  • Track large movements of digital assets, identify unregistered entities, and investigate suspicious activity using real-time blockchain, dark web, and social media data and analytics

Regulators and exchanges use Inca Digital for cross-market surveillance and KYC to analyze dozens of venues for fraudulent trading patterns and identify the location of traders based on their social media use.

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Law Enforcement and National Security

Detect, disrupt, and dismantle transnational organized crime and illicit state actions through data-driven tracking of entities and funding flows of bad actors

  • Investigate links between digital asset trades and ransomware, malware, and phishing operations

  • Track digital asset wallet addresses, individuals, and companies as they operate on the dark web

  • Seamlessly integrate private data with our analytics to discover criminal networks and illicit endpoints beyond known digital asset fund locations

Special Operations Command uses Inca Digital in its Counter-WMD efforts to track purchases of dual-use materials and machinery on the dark web that may be used to build nuclear weapons

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