Bitcoin Donation Tracing

Inca Digital investigated the approximately 8.07 Bitcoin deposit to the Assange Donation Address. In the view of Inca Digital, it is likely that Jack Dorsey donated the ~$486K in Bitcoin to Julian Assange.

Inca Digital’s on-chain analysis reveals that the source of the 8.07173122 Bitcoin donation to the Assange Donation Address appears to have originated from CashApp. The transaction which serves as the initial source of the donation amount constituted a transfer of 21 Bitcoin from CashApp to a private wallet. Inca Digital’s analysis suggests that CashApp is primarily used for retail purposes, with the average transfer amount being far lower than 21 Bitcoin and there are not many known “whales” utilizing CashApp. There is one notable exception: Square founder Jack Dorsey.

The transaction which sent 8.07173122 Bitcoin to the Assange Donation Address is identified by transaction hash 9cfb52928096b5e146df19909e7a7174d7ca326d1f4dc723e01cd4ad7d43369b and occurred on June 25, 2024 at 21:03 UTC. Adjusting for time zones, Jack Dorsey sent out a tweet saying “Safe Passage Through” contemporaneously with this transaction.

Some speculation exists that it could have been Andrew Tate, @cobratate, who sent the 8.07173122 Bitcoin donation to the Assange Donation Address based on his June 26 reply of a gift box emoji to a tweet referencing the donation. However, based on past blockchain analysis of Tate’s known crypto transactions, he does not appear to be a user of CashApp.

If this was @jack, he could have easily hidden the transaction if he wanted to by using traditional rails. In a world where regular financial transactions are often opaque, @jack’s crypto donation to Julian Assange highlights the transparent nature of blockchain technology. On a public blockchain, the data is there to discover, and if there are other facts known to investigators, governments, regulators, or observers, that data can be used in conjunction with the transaction info to draw conclusions.

This report is part of Inca Digital’s effort to foster transparent markets in crypto. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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