Most internships focus on making coffee and handling routine emails. We love coffee, but we don’t have an office, so we all get our own.

Don’t waste your time on the mundane, dive in and get started working on things that matter. We’re looking for motivated self-starters who are not afraid to make mistakes and learn on the fly.

Had enough of the military bureaucracy? Good, we don’t have any.

Find out more about us and apply for your SkillBridge internship by solving one of Inca's challenges.

Who we are looking for

Open to all service members transitioning from active duty. High need for members who can code i.e. backgrounds in computer science, communications, operations research and cyber.

Internships can range from 2-6 months in length, but must meet requirements and timelines as outlined on the DoD Skillbridge site

What Our SkillBridge Interns Say

Celeste Noll
Investigation Project Lead
US Air Force

“Inca Digital provides a great learning environment for SkillBridge interns. You’ll learn from an amazing and collaborative team working on cutting edge technology in a challenging yet rewarding environment.”

Matt Bordt
Digital Analyst
US Navy

“My internship with Inca was the most crucial component of my transition from Active Duty. I was quickly integrated into the team and able to gain hands-on experience with current technologies.”

Hugh Harsono
Business Operations
US Army

"Inca Digital is an amazing company that really helped give me a smooth transition from my time in the Army. The entire team was dedicated to helping me to navigate and define my future!"

Focus Areas for SkillBridge Fellows

Business Associate

Expand business strategy and development, sales, and internal operations.

Ideal for any transitioning members. Members should be interested in business development, customer success, and sales.

Data Analyst

Dive deep into expansive and unique data sets and discover hidden insights to support investigations.

Ideal for transitioning operations research, cyber, and intelligence analyst professionals.

Software Developer

Build and optimize the machine.

Ideal for transitioning from cyber and software development professionals.

The Military Fellowship Program is open to all active service members leaving active duty. To apply, try solving one of Inca's challenges.