Programmatic Access

Static Datasets (Hadoop, AWS S3, and SFTP)

Nakamoto Terminal constantly pushes its data feeds to static datasets that are distributed to our clients through Hadoop, AWS S3, and SFTP. After obtaining the appropriate NTerminal license, you will be given read-only access to our instances along with access instructions.



To extend the capability of NTerminal for customers who prefer to access the data via a REST API, in addition to the custom REST APIs which we create for clients, we can leverage the Splunk SDK. This a well documented set of tools for Python, Java, JavaScript, and C# that standardizes the way you discover, request, and receive data. It allows for complex data transformations, similar to what you get with the NTerminal web interface without adding another layer of complexity with a custom API.

NTerminal Endpoints and Credentials

Splunk REST API Documentation


For low-latency applications, our customers can take full advantage of our microservice architecture and plug in directly at the source aquisition and normalization stage through our custom WebSocket interface.

Additional Resources