Data Access

Web Platform

Clients can access data though NTerminal in multiple ways. One of the ways to access NTerminal data is through our web platform. This is where most users start. NTerminal’s web platform is an extremely powerful tool that helps people get familiar with the system and the data before moving on to programmatic access. It has flexible analytical and interpretation capabilities, allowing a wide degree of data transformations and extractions. You can also use it for report generation (PDF, Email, HTML), setting up alerts (Email, Twitter, Telegram, etc), and static dataset extractions (CSV, JSON, XML, etc). Finally, a wide range of visualisation and functionality extension plugins are available for our customers upon request.

You can find out more about NTerminal’s web platform here and review some basic Splunk concepts.

Programmatic Access

NTerminal can be easily integrated with existing data processing and analytics tools. Our Content Delivery Chain can forward data to your system while automatically converting it to your required format. NTerminal’s marketplace encourages fast-paced innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing by allowing third-party developers the opportunity to create and sell their own data streams and applications.

You can find more about NTerminal programmatic access here.