Inside Inca Digital: How Our Rebrand Supports Our Mission to Deliver the Industry’s Only Complete View of Crypto

For many in the digital asset community, the past several years have been truly formative ones for their businesses and careers – and Inca Digital is no exception. Collaborating with our fellow Incas – a diverse team of talented engineers, security experts, and analysts – we’ve worked hard to deliver data, analytics, and investigations that enable unprecedented insight into the digital asset landscape for the crypto industry, traditional financial institutions, and government agencies.

For years now, we’ve been laser focused on that mission. And while the traction we’ve gained has been exciting, one area we haven’t devoted as much attention to is our brand. The result: strong growth, happy clients, and a robust innovation pipeline, but also a general lack of awareness about the many different solutions we can deliver and the many ways we can deliver them.

That changes now. Today, we are excited to reveal a new feel to Inca Digital, complete with a redesigned website, a revamped logo, and fresh messaging that better reflects our unique offering. Our new tagline – “The Only Complete View of Crypto” – represents not just the full spectrum and complexity of what we do, but also how rare it is to be able to partner with a single vendor for such diverse and disparate data and analytics needs.

That’s a big statement, but an accurate one. For example, we don’t just deliver data through a bare-bones interface and leave clients to fend for themselves – instead, we provide powerful charting and visualization capabilities, empowering clients to assess and report on the information in the way that works best for their business. And when it comes to applying that data, clients can collaborate closely with our highly experienced investigations team to make sense of swings and trends, or they can launch their own investigations. The choice is truly up to them – and that complete coverage and ultimate flexibility is now reflected on our website.

The time is right, because this is a pivotal moment in the digital asset space. Even as investors of all types continue to wade in, established industry professionals continue to migrate from traditional markets, and governments the world over continue to explore guidance and regulation for this nascent asset class, the ongoing crypto winter has created significant turmoil. Enterprise grade market data, market surveillance and integrity, risk management analytics, and deep investigations have become more important than ever.

Having access to comprehensive, hyper-accurate, and in-depth data and analytics in real time is the only way for firms to ensure they are taking the optimal action in any set of circumstances, expected or otherwise. It is only through this higher level of intelligence that those serious about understanding digital assets – financial institutions, exchanges, regulators, law enforcement, and national security – can truly deliver for their stakeholders, whether on generating alpha, protecting their assets, or stopping transnational organized crime. For those of you who are already familiar with us, it’s important to note that while our brand has evolved, just about everything else about our company will remain the same. The evolution that led to today’s announcement has been years in the making, and many of the qualities we’re looking to emphasize have become part of our DNA. In short, we’re still the same Incas you’ve come to know – we’ve just taken our business to the next level, and we want the entire industry to be aware.

One thing is certain: this won’t be the last you hear from us this year. New partnerships with the biggest in crypto and key federal agencies, as well as enhancements to our counterparty intelligence and topic-modeling capabilities, are all on the agenda – and that’s just in the next few months.

It’s been a long road to where we are now, but with the support of our friends and our clients and the hard work of our team, we’re ideally positioned to serve as your guide to the rugged digital asset landscape – no matter your precise needs. Today, Inca Digital is better than ever, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

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