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Stablecoin Volatility Analysis – BIS Variance Threshold
None of the stablecoins analyzed met the Variance Threshold (VT) that the difference in stablecoin/fiat value must not exceed 10bp of the value of the underlying fiat more than three times over a one-year period.
TVL inflation in lending protocols
The key metric in the DeFi ecosystem, TVL, can be faked by multiple transactions. A crypto whale can move its funds and single-handedly drive up TVL.
Anomalies in OKEx trading time distributions
Distinct surges in time-of-trade graphs indicate potential scheduled trading bots activity to obfuscate privacy coin laundering. Wash trading can also be a good explanation for such trading patterns.
Tether's Growing Role in Illegal Activities
Allowing Tether to thrive for years led to new resilience mechanisms. Today, Tether is already in use on five independent blockchains, often dominating their on-chain transactions, and, in some cases, causing network congestion. Current blockchain forensics and market surveillance tools are unable to provide acceptable levels of KYC/AML efficiency.
SENSO Token - Fake Trading Activity on Top Exchanges
SENSO token demonstrates suspiciously high and stable trade volume on Bittrex, KuCoin, and Poloniex. Observed trading patterns are consistent with wash trading.
Anomalous trades on
Recent order size distribution on deviates from other markets and contradicts Benford's law.
Abnormal Trading Volumes on FTX
Suspicious trading volume spikes with low volatility hint at potential wash trading activity on FTX exchange.
Scheduled trading activity dominates Huobi and OKEx
Huobi and OKEx are often at the top of trading volume charts. The actual executed trade numbers show, however, suspiciously close trading patterns that might indicate the dominance of a few bots that follow a preset schedule.
Crypto Market Anomalies December 2020
Manipulations and Anomalies on Cryptocurrency Markets
Should Regulators License Blockchain Oracles?
Licensing and endorsing professional oracles is key to improving the overall health of the blockchain ecosystem.
Crypto Market Anomalies November 2020
Manipulations and Anomalies on Cryptocurrency Markets
DeFi Tokens Tumble But Fundamentals Remain At All-Time High
Asset prices in the DeFi space have plummeted since their recent highs
Natural Language Analysis Of PayPal Enabling Bitcoin Buying/Selling
PayPal PYPL +0.3% officially announced its plans to allow its ~350 million users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. This announcement has catalyzed discussion about the adoption and institutionalization of digital assets.
Crypto in the FinCEN Leak
Inca Digital’s investigation team correlated FinCEN's SARs transactions with blockchain and crypto market venue activity around the filing dates.
Is The Promise of DeFi Yield Farming Destined to FAIL?
Cryptocurrency exchanges have been called altcoin casinos from day 1. They trade and promote thousands of tokens that have been dreamed up by former front end developers turned ERC20 evangelists.
Another Project Bites The Dust: How Someone Turned $200 Into $250k
DeFi rebase bug which allowed someone to drain $250k from a Uniswap pool with only $200
Can You Have Your Bitcoin And Eat It Too?
What if you could benefit from additional functionality without compromising on security?
Following Funds From The Twitter Hack & Bitcoin Scam - Affecting Joe Biden, Elon Musk, And Others
A massive hack affected Twitter around 3pm EDT Wednesday (July 15th 2020), in which many high-profile accounts were used to tweet out a large-scale doubling scam.
Buzz Of PayPal & Venmo to Facilitate Crypto Buying/Selling
Elaborate Pump And Dump Scheme Involving Monero, HitBTC, and CoinTelegraph
By following additional surrounding anomalies from HitBTC on NTerminal, we noticed strange connections to otherwise seemingly distinct organizations.
Bitcoin Halving Metrics Reveal Social Media Spikes And A Stable Network
Bitcoin recently experienced its third block reward halving
STEEM Community Battles for Control
Justin Sun Coordinating with Exchanges to Revert Soft Fork 22.2
KICK Token — Market Manipulation Analysis
A look at the “KICK ecosystem”
Crypto Seasons
Predictive Model Trading using NTerminal
Cryptofinancial Impact: Binance Hack
Looking into the Binance exchange hack