Crypto Intelligence Alert - TRON

Recently, Circle made the announcement that they were de-platforming the TRON blockchain for native issuance of USDC, severing their official business dealings with the chain. In their announcement, Circle stated the following through their official corporate Twitter/X account:

The explicit mention of compliance in Circle’s official announcement sparked numerous questions within the crypto ecosystem. Inca Digital is endeavoring through this Crypto Intelligence Alert to clarify certain instances of negative activity observed on the TRON blockchain and provide further context around factors that may have driven this decision.

This Crypto Intelligence Alert is part of Inca Digital’s effort to foster transparent markets in crypto. For more information on TRON, including Inca Digital’s cross market surveillance and market data analysis on TRX, data on TRON leadership and subsidiary companies, and TRON’s role in aiding or enabling money laundering, please contact us at [email protected].

To see the full alert, click here to download.

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