Crypto Intelligence Alert - Binance Market Surveillance

Inca Digital recently completed an investigation into Binance and the Binance ecosystem.

The below cross market surveillance analysis covers January through October 2023 and finds that across both high-cap and low-cap tokens, Binance markets are generally very healthy, showing minimal signs of anomalous trading activities.

Distribution tail exponents, skewness, kurtosis, trade-size clustering analysis, and other statistical analyses reveal that Binance’s high-cap markets fall within acceptable ranges, suggesting minimal market manipulation. While Student’s test for clustering values for low-cap tokens on Binance are lower than those for high-cap tokens, they still remain higher than what is observed on most other cryptocurrency exchanges. This implies that Binance hosts a relatively large proportion of real traders, even within the low-cap token market.

Binance upholds high standards of market integrity, with effective surveillance measures in place. Investors and traders in the cryptocurrency space should be reassured by these findings, highlighting Binance as a stable and reliable platform for cryptocurrency trading.

This Crypto Intelligence Alert is part of Inca Digital’s effort to foster transparent markets in crypto. For more information on Binance, including Inca Digital’s complete cross market surveillance and market data analysis on Binance, data on Binance leadership and subsidiary companies, and external scams using the Binance name, please contact us at [email protected].

To see the full alert, click here to download.

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