Bitfinex Stolen Funds Investigation

Following the stolen funds from 2016 to 2020

Having a powerful analytical tool that can provide an ample market overview might be very helpful, especially when attempting to understand the bigger picture in the market. To understand the crypto market, one has to understand its problems. Hacks and data breaches, that even institutional players appear to be vulnerable to, are a common problem. Most of the current approaches to investigating the breach focus on tracking the stolen funds by means of blockchain forensics tools. However powerful…

STEEM Community Battles for Control

Justin Sun Coordinating with Exchanges to Revert Soft Fork 22.2

Steemit Inc was recently acquired by Justin Sun, the founder of TRON. Following the acquisition, there seemed to be mixed support from within the Steem ecosystem, but positive response from the TRON community. Many argue that this move would help Steem expand marketing efforts and bring new users on to the various Steem-backed platforms.

As of recent, the idea of working from home or working on the road (people who do this are often dubbed digital nomads) has become exceedingly more popular. Most of what I see on the internet about remote work are by independent content creators who self-publish or contract out their work. Many of these individuals use sites like Medium or YouTube to host their content, or have gigs as graphic designers, web developers, or digital marketers. Less commonly do I come across other companies who…

KICK Token — Market Manipulation Analysis

A look at the “KICK ecosystem”

There is a curious new token running up the ladder on CoinMarketCap (CMC). The “KICK Token” rose to rank 33 by Market Capitalization, now sitting at $324,790,597 (was just $21,000,000 a month ago). Lets take a closer look at this “asset” to find out what it is, and to determine how and why there is such a sharp price increase.

Crypto Seasons

Predictive Model Trading using NTerminal

This short article discusses an automated data-driven trading model for selected cryptocurrencies, with the goal of creating a trading strategy that produces long term positive returns. Fundamentally, the model is based on a mean reversion concept borrowed from traditional finance, which essentially states that an asset price should revert to its long term average. One can expect that, absent shocks or trends, an average long term price should be more or less constant. And therefore occasional…