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Nicholas Gans

Natural Language Analysis Of PayPal Enabling Bitcoin Buying/Selling

Regardless of your opinion on whether it is positive or negative for Bitcoin, PayPal’s announcement is perhaps the most active topic in crypto/blockchain media right now.

PayPal PYPL -0.8% officially announced its plans to allow its ~350 million users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. This news came amid a steady run-up in the crypto markets, with Bitcoin up ~80% YTD and 3% since its low in March.

Central Bank Digital Currencies And The U.S./China Great Power Competition

The “Great Power Competition” (GPC) is a termed now commonly used to describe the global affairs between the United States and China. A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) being deployed by China could have immense implications for the role of the Dollar as the global reserve currency and the political stability of the US-Chinese relations.

Tensions heighten between the United States and China amid trade wars, COVID-19, a chaotic presidential election period, disputes over Tibet, and increasing pressure at the Taiwan Strait.

Another Project Bites The Dust: How Someone Turned $200 Into $250k

DeFi rebase bug which allowed someone to drain $250k from a Uniswap pool with only $200

It has been one crazy event after another in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) world. This incident involves a spectacular pump, a catastrophic bug, and one lucky individual. Further, it highlights the importance of understanding the financial risk associated with DeFi applications.

Can You Have Your Bitcoin And Eat It Too?

What if you could benefit from additional functionality without compromising on security?

Crypto Twitter, like many Twitter-spheres, is as full of self-affirmation and choir preaching as it is of internal holy-wars (not too unlike those described on this post). We can characterize two camps within the crypto/digital asset space. This is a gross oversimplification to be sure, but paints a picture of the space where there are a spectrum of competing ideas.